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Pajero Evolution for sale - New Zealand - December 2021

Posted by Luke P on

Trying to find one of the 634 manual Pajero Evolutions without spending a fortune? This Pajero Evo in New Zealand could be perfect for the right buyer. With Pajero Evo prices going crazy recently as they approach 25 years old, becoming eligible for import into the USA, this one listed at $26995 NZD ($25433 AUD - $18343 USD) could be a bargain. 

From the listing

5 speed manual (1of 634 worldwide)
Fully serviced this year including cambelt
280hp (yeah right!) 3.5 litre mivec V6
14.7 quarter mile
Usual wear and tear for a 24 year old truck.
Roof vinyl wrapped recently as paint has faded, drivers side seat bolster torn, few scratches/blemishes in the paint, etc.
Will come on oem wheels and optional oz racing wheels can be negotiated (see last pic) Also have stock steering wheel. Heaps more photos available on request including underside. Brand new wof last Friday.

Link to Ad

What condition is the car in?

For legal reasons, the following is my personal opinion, I have not viewed this car in person or viewed its service records and am making these judgements purely on my experience as a PajEvo owner, what is written in the ad and briefly speaking to the owner.  I could be completely wrong. You should assume I'm completely wrong and do a thorough pre-purchase inspection, not allowing this blog post to inform your buy decision in any way 😉  

The good:
Judging by the photos, generally all of the body work, interior and chassis all appear to be in original condition. I've seen many other Pajero Evolutions for sale which have incorrect/ or damaged body panels, non-original seats, missing or incorrect gauges. So this one gets full points for originality.

It comes with the original wheels, as well as an optional aftermarket set. The fitted steering wheel is aftermarket, however is comes with the original.

It sounds like the car has been maintained. The cam/timing belt has been done, which is a big job. It would be worth asking more about it's service history (as with any car). 

The chassis/underbody all appears to be relatively clean, rust free (baring minor surface rust) with no sign of damage or repair. 

The owner has been upfront with any issues with the car, disclosing issues which he might have been able to sneak past some buyers (such as the condition of the roof) and provided heaps of photos, so I don’t think you’ll be in for any hidden surprises.

The not as good:
Apart from the bits mentioned in the ad, it looks like roof racks have been fitted, evidenced by some marks in the roof skin. Those mud flaps are non-original (they're the old, discontinued Paves Garage mud flaps). The rear tailgate handle is missing the PAJERO label, these are easy to source. The front outer fog lights are missing. Original replacements are not available from Mitsubishi, however there are many alternatives available.

The only issue seen on the underside is what looks like a possible leak from the rear differentials left side. It’s probably just a diff seal, which is a generic item, readily available form Mitsubishi (Part number MR350883) and a relatively easy fix. It might be a slow leak, meaning you might get away with just topping up the oil regularly, if you don't feel like pulling the rear diff out immediately. Pajero diffs are known to be the toughest in the 4x4 world, absolutely dwarfing the diffs of other full size 4x4s. I don't think I've ever heard of a single Pajero diff failing, so I wouldn't be too concerned about this.

The underside components all appear to be in a similar state of wear, indicating there probably hasn't been any major repairs or attempts to cover up any issues.

Considering the cars age and kilometres, I'd say this looks to be in good condition. 

Are high millage Pajero Evolutions easy to maintain?

Generally speaking, the PajEvo is a tough car which doesn't suffer from any major common faults. Most mechanical items which wear out (bushes, bearings, ball joints, engine components) can still be purchased either new from Mitsubishi, using alternative OEM parts or aftermarket parts. You might just need to jump into the Pajero Evolution Owners Facebook groups to ask around where to buy them. I'll have a full blog post up soon regarding this.

Most evolution specific body parts and interior pieces are no longer available new and there is an extremely limited supply of the second-hand parts.

One notable exception to the mechanical items is the rear upper suspension arm. The arms have a built-in ball joint which often wears out and cannot be replaced without some major work. I'm not sure what the state of the rear upper ball joints is on this car. Recently a Pajero Evo owner named Ian W in the UK began offering custom built rear upper arms for 1067.98 GBP each ($1857 AUD) with a discount if you want a pair. Expensive, but a fair price. 

Who should buy this car?

If you're a wealthy collector of low millage, mint condition JDM hero's and homologation specials, this probably isn't the car for you.

If you're someone who wants to really drive and experience the awesomeness of the Pajero Evolution instead of keeping it as a garage queen, I'd say this is the car you want. Yes, it might need some extra maintenance here and there, but it's a cheap manual that hasn't been heavily molested like so many other examples. Despite what some have written about the Pajero Evo, manuals are so much better!

Finally, if restoring vehicles is your thing, with original body parts, no signs of rust or repairs, I'd say this looks like a good candidate for restoration.

Either way, buy this thing before someone else does!